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Piano Lessons by Sharon

Making musical dreams a reality...

Sharon Parish Studio Policy


Principal instrument taught: Piano

Principal Style: Classical /Reading music

Students who have taken piano previously, please bring the books you have previously used to your first lesson.

Private Lessons are given in my home studio. No group lessons available.


Makeup lessons will only be given for missed lessons involving school events, in which the attendance at the school event affects the student’s grade, real emergencies, sickness, or weather-related missed lessons. Any more misses, and the lesson is forfeited. Tuition is not refunded, reimbursed, or forwarded to the next month. Lessons the teacher misses will be rescheduled. The makeup lesson will be given the week of the missed lesson only. A missed makeup lesson will not be made up. (Social events such as parties, sports events, or events with friends, forgetting lessons, and transportation problems are NOT eligible for makeup lessons.) Please give 24 hours notice for makeup lessons. Swapping lesson times with another student is permissible. Please let the teacher know. Choose your lesson time wisely to avoid missing lessons.


Piano lessons are a commitment, and since the majority of the students cannot drive, the parent or guardian is responsible for getting the student to the lesson and coming to get the student. Please be on time for both occasions. If the lessons are important to the parent they will be important to the child. Your involvement is vital to the progress of the student. You are welcome and encouraged to observe during the lesson. To instill self-discipline, it is suggested that a regular time for practice be set. A quiet atmosphere and a well tuned piano will insure quality practice time and progress will be made. Assignments and daily practice are expected to have the same priority as school homework. In order to progress, at least five days of practice every week is necessary. Post a written daily practice schedule on your refrigerator, allowing at least 20-30 minutes per day of practice time. A kitchen timer is useful to keep track of practice time. To be prepared for a piano lesson, a student should not skip practice more than two days in any week. Siblings who are also taking lessons may quietly sit during the lessons and wait their turn. Each student is unique, and requires as much energy and preparation as his/her sibling. Other friends or siblings not taking lessons must be accompanied by a parent. I am not a baby sitter, and can only be responsible for the student who is taking the lesson. Do not let your child attend the lessons with gum, or other food products, and hands must be clean with fingernails cut short.

Provide as many musical opportunities for your child as you can. Attendance at orchestra concerts, musicals, choral, piano, vocal or instrumental recitals, as well as listening to recorded music enhance the student’s musical awareness.


I require one month’s notice of termination of lessons regardless of the reason. You will owe the entire month’s tuition and no refunds will be given. I reserve the right to terminate lessons with a student at my discretion. I will give one month’s notice of my intention to do so. Reasons for termination of lessons: lack of parental support as listed in the parent’s involvement section, persistent absences, lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements, consistently missing recitals, uncooperative attitude, failure to pay tuition, or in general, disliking the lessons. Certain personalities clash, and there is no reason to prolong a situation that is not working in a positive way.  


Music is a PERFORMING ART. The only way to learn how to perform is to perform. Recitals provide this opportunity and accountability of the progress made. Attendance at these events is required. These events are usually on a weekend. Please reserve the dates on your calendar for piano. Prior to the recital, the student should play the recital pieces over and over for family and friends. If they practice regularly, and get a good night’s sleep the night before the event, they should perform with confidence, ease, and enjoyment.


Tuition for lessons is due at the FIRST lesson of the month. If you forget your checkbook, you may mail the tuition payment to my address: 14719 Sun Harbor Dr., Houston, TX 77062. Occasionally, new books will be necessary. The books used can be obtained at a variety of stores like RBC Music, 1160 Blalock, (713) 647-0800; Music & Arts, 567 W. Bay Area Blvd., (281) 316-1724; or online through ,, or For students who start lessons in the middle of the month, the lessons will be pro rated. The typical month herein is considered to be four weeks. Occasionally, your lesson day will have five lessons for the month. There is no additional charge to you for the extra lesson. That day a lesson will be provided unless you elect to take the day off for an appointment, social event, etc. of your choosing. Otherwise, I will be expecting you for the lesson.


Week of Spring Break - March

Memorial Day

July 4

Labor Day

Week of Thanksgiving

Week of Christmas and following week through New Year’s Day

During these stated holidays, payment for the month will be for the full monthly amount and will not be prorated for the stated holidays. This includes the months of November and December.



Sharon Parish

14719 Sun Harbor Dr., Houston, TX 77062

(832) 580-8501 [email protected]

I AGREE and will support this studio policy for the entire time my child is taking

piano lessons from this studio.


Parent’s Signature


Telephone Number and Address


Student’s Name


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